Defining Moment...

Here is what I posted on Facebook as it relates to the Male High School Lacrosse Team.

"Defining Moment" Some of you may or may not know but my son Spencer played Lacrosse for MALE HIGH SCHOOL 2011 - 2013 (retired his tennis racket at the time and hasn't hit a tennis ball since). Little did I know how much the game of Lacrosse would change me, but what a path MALE Lacrosse has taken in a few short years.

Flash forward to 2016 Male Lacrosse Team and one of Spencer's teammates, Joseph Palazzo, who is now the coach of Male Lacrosse in his first year. Coach Palazzo has made huge strides with a very thin roster and they have gotten better and better throughout the season.

This brings me to my, "DEFINING MOMENT" picture above. In a history of a sports program you can look back at certain moments and call them Defining Moments which shape the future of a program. Male had some big DEFINING MOMENTS this season: Beating Manual and Collegiate are two, but the biggest came on Friday (5/13/2016) with Male beating Collegiate a second time this season to continue to the State Tournament. The win put Male in the District Final for the first time EVER vs st. x. Unfortunately, Male did not win, however for the first time EVER (sound familiar) in Male's very short Lacrosse history they are playing in the Kentucky State Lacrosse Tournament vs KCD on 5/16/2016 at KCD. If you are an alumn or former teammates , come out and support this team which plays with HUGE heart and guts, The seniors on this team were freshman when Spencer and Joseph were Seniors. It's great to see the motto we used back then when building this Lacrosse Program


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