My First Blog Post...EVER

Well... it has been looming for a while now, starting my own website for photography as well as a blog to go along with the website. While I have had a pretty generic website for the last two years it was time to get my very own website with instead of photoshelter/ . I will be the first to tell the very few folks who stop in and take time out of their busy schedule to read what I put on this page.. I am not an ENGLISH major, in fact the humor about this BLOG is I stink at writing, so to no end at least have a laugh at my writing skills.

Each week in order to force me to go out and discover the world I live in I am going to attempt to start a PHOTOGRAPH of the week, and the first photograph of the week is below.

This is the Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glimmer. I hope you enjoy it and as always if there is any photography needs you have please feel free to contact me. Until my next post have a great week.

#BalloonGlimmer #KentuckyDerbyFestival

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